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See this guy? He's MINE!!
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Hi girls~


Today's my baby's birthday and she turns 7. All I want is to see her grow up happily and beautifully. I will do my best to raise her and love her the way she is.

Happy Birthday sweetheart! Love you so much from your mommy (Yunjae's mania lover)

Now about the fics update... I've been busy with being a mommy since before Christmas... Well I now understand how devoted Junsu's parents are for his brother and him. When your child has a passion to perform or attend any kind of activity, parents always have to put their 100% support and be there for them. I've been with my daughter for different performances and fuctions...from city events to hotel events... have to be there 3 hours before each show and wait until your child finish their show... hard work...

Anyways, what I'm going to say is that... I will update Lifetime trouble and Last letter tomorrow... And again for maid of honor, my evil's sis special oneshot and JJ's b-day shot on Jaejoong's birthday...

So don't worry... I'm still around... I only act as a mother more than before... LOL

Again....  Happy Birthday My sweet Sasi~~

Now, would you excuse me. I have to go back to the party. Have to watch children not to jump from the stairs... They are so lively... haha (such a headache  )

Not really know whose this birthday party is for..... children or parents...really...Cause there are more parents than children.... LOL


Yunjae TV

How are you all? I know I've been missing for awhile....
Readers: Awhile my behind, don't you know how long we've been waiting???

Anyhow...I'm back with a new layout and chap...

The new laoyout might look strange on explorer cause I used chrome...Bear with it ok?? Will try to fix it with my limited knowledge :P

Plan to update before my hubby's and Junsu's birthday because I'm gonna be super busy then... Plus my daughter has lots of performances to do...

Ah~ feel like I'm a celeb manager....

Okie... so here's a new chap of The Last Letter


The Last Letter 2/3Collapse )
yoosu love
8th-Oct-2010 10:26 pm - 3 Updates in one go

Hi girls~ How are you?

I know I've been disappeared for so long. Many things happened to my house recently.

It's been raining non-stop for the past two weeks. Actually it stopped sometime.

Anyways....with ppl who uses internet from satle lite service....well, like me... felt super depressed that I got disconnected everytime the heavy rain came or strong storm came...the signal was just disappeared.

Today, the rain wasn't so mean to me....

Eventhough the rain is being nice to me today, you can see from the far side of my garden....

And the outcome of the non-stop heavy rain, the ceiling by the stairs was totally soaked...

See black marks around the edge??? If the heavy rain comes again, I'm sure that my ceiling will fall off and hit my head someday.

I hate this! And I hate dealing with insurance ppl the most!
Anyway, since my internet is working again....(a bit slow but better than nothing), I will update 3 fics...

Hope you girls will enjoy the update and hope LJ will be nice to me today....

  The Last Letter 1/3 )

  Trouble 3 )

  coming soon.....after the rain~

Just wait a little bit more ok?

believe in love
8th-Oct-2010 10:13 pm - Lifetime trouble - Ch. 3

Hello again~~

New chapter is ready~


Trouble 3Collapse )
sexy prince
8th-Oct-2010 09:41 pm - the Last Letter 1/3

Finally it's here...

The continuation of ' Love letter ' that many of you like...

Hope you will enjoy the sequel

The tempolary poster

The Last Letter 1/3Collapse )
Yunjae TV
13th-Sep-2010 08:24 pm - Got distracted but still working...


Hello guys.... How are you??? I feel so guilty right now cause I'm way behind my update schedule...

Well, this past two or three weeks, I've been distracted by.....this guy....

My ultimate favorite sexy SEME...... Asami!!!!!!!!!! (Actually I've been distracted by this guy very often....damn him... He made me fall for him hard....)

Everytime I look at him and his.....package....., I feel like....

And when I see him with his stubborn UKE

I even see myself being like......

So give me a few days to recover from major blood lost and I promise to update both stories and a few more of oneshots that I've been postponing for like.....forever.... hehe

Eventhough I love Asami and Takaba but....

YUNJAE is still my heart~~~

30th-Aug-2010 04:32 pm - Lifetime trouble - Ch. 2.1

 Helloooo *whispers softly*

How are you guys? I've tried my best but my internet sucks....In fact it's getting worse... Wanna cry...

The new update is here...

Please check it out and enjoy...

PS. LJ complained about my long post so I have to cut it into 2 parts ok??

Trouble 2Collapse )
believe in love
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