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7th-Jul-2037 12:29 pm - Unnie's little fic corner ^^

Lifetime Trouble - ongoing

Summary: Living life as Kim Jaejoong, the only son of the Kim was a bless. He had everything he needed. Only one word from him, things would be placed in front of him. Being a youngest of the family gave him all kind of privileges in life that anyone could ask for. But after meeting one particular person, his life was changed dramtically. He then realized that his immature revenge on this person caused him a major problem of a lifetime.

( Lifetime trouble - Prologue )( Trouble 1 )( Trouble 2 )( Trouble 2.2 )( Trouble 3 )

New Chapter:  ( Trouble 4 )


Maid of Honor - on hold (Missing file)

Summary: Kim Jaejoong was soon to be a new graduate student from very well known university in Seoul with first class honor. In order to be an honor student, he had to find a very interesting piece of Senior Project to present.

( Prologue and Character profile )( Honor 1 )( Honor 2 )( Honor 3 )( Honor 4 )
( Honor 5 )( Honor 6 )( Honor 7 )( Honor 8 )( Honor 9 )( Honor 10 )( Honor 11 )
( Honor 12 )( Honor 13 )( Honor 14 )( Honor 15 )( Honor 16 )( Honor 17 )
( Honor 18 )( Honor 19 )
( Honor 20 )

New chapter: ( Honor 21 )


The Last Letter - Completed

Summary: Many things had changed after the last letter.
The continuation of Love letter

( The Last Letter 1/3 )( The Last Letter 2/3 )( The Last Letter 3/3 )

The right stuff - Completed

Summary: Kingka VS. beautiful feminine looking guy, the way the story should go but not quite

( Prologue )( New students )( I'm on to you )( Seduction of the King )
( Seduction of the King pt.2 )( What am I to you? )( Welcome to my heart )( Epilogue )


Kim Cuisine - completed

Summary: He flirt with every living thing he met. He was all that. Both male and female always fell for his charm and his signature, killer smile. But why this guy did not even fall for it. He just blinked his cute doe eyes like and walked away. Why he did not look impressed with his killer smile? How dare he ignore Jung Yunho like that? This guy had to learn for not noticing Jung Yunho's charm.

( Character Profile )( Cuisine 1 )( Cuisine 2 )( Cuisine 3 )( Cuisine 4 )( Cuisine 5 )
Cuisine 6 )( Cuisine 7 )( Cuisine 8 )( Cuisine 9 )( Cuisine 10 )( Cuisine 11 )
Cuisine 12 )( Cuisine 13 )( Cuisine 14 ) ( Cuisine 15 )( Cuisine 16 )( Cuisine 17 )
Cuisine 18 )( Cuisine 19 )( Cuisine 20 )( Cuisine 21 )( Cuisine 22 )( Cuisine 23 )
Cuisine 24 p.1 )( Cuisine 24 p.2 )( Cuisine 25 )( Cuisine 26 )( Cuisine 27 )
( Last Cuisine )
( Epilogue )


Damn Yunjae, the series
- completed

Summary: Love lives, family value and friendships between 4 pairs; Yunjae, Yoosu, Sichul, and Kangteuk

Bonus : ( All I want for Christmas is...1/3 )
( All I want for Christmas... 2/3 )( All I want for Christmas is... 3/3 )


Can I keep you? - completed

Summary: Jung Yunho had never been serious in anything in his life, including his relationship with girls. Things changed until he met a girly look guy, Kim Jaejoong. Could he ever change to the better way?

( Prologue )( Chapter 1 )( Chapter 2 )( Chapter 3 )( Chapter 4 )( Chapter 5 )
Chapter 6 )( Chapter 7 )( Chapter 8 ) ( Chapter 9 )( Chapter 10 )( Chapter 11 )
Chapter 12 )( Chapter 13 )( Chapter 14 )( Chapter 15 )( Chapter 16 )( Chapter 17 )
( Final chapter )( Epilogue )


Your Games - completed

summary: Things Jaejoong had to do to get rid of his brother's love rival.
( Your games 1 )( Your games 2 )( Your games 3 )( Your games 4 )( Your games 5 )
( Your games 6 )( Your games 7 )( Your games 8 )( Your games 9 )( Your games 10 )
( Your games 11 )( Your games 12 )( Your games 13 )( Your games 14 )( Your games 15 )


I love violent - completed

summary: Nerdy Yunho and beautiful rough Jaejoong.
Disclaimer: Adapted from manga.

( Chapter 1 )( Chapter 2 )( Chapter 3 )( Chapter 4 )( Chapter 5 )( Final Chapter )

Bonus ( I love violent - special vacation )


Doubleshot/ Tripleshot

( Love attack 1 )( Love attack 2/2 ) /
I'm gonna getcha good ( Part I )( Part II ) /
( Vacation 1/3 )( Vacation 2/3 )( Vacation 3/3 )/
Beautiful Disaster ( Disaster 1/2 )( Disaster 2/2 pt.1 )( Disaster 2/2 pt.2 )/
( Love letter )/ ( Escaped 1/2 )

New: ( Escaped 2/2 )


Oneshot/ Drabble

( Dating with Celebrities ) /  ( Do you believe in fate? ) / ( Craziest Mistake ) /
( I love trouble ) / ( Crazy in Love ) / ( All my life ) / ( Life without you ) /
( Snow Jae and three evil sisters ) / ( Scandal ) / ( Home ) / ( Yunho's day out )

New: ( Best Wish )


Ps. All my NC chapters will be locked because....well, you know why... I'm a mother already so at least let me be responsible for young kids for a change... LOL
my yunnie
22nd-May-2014 02:44 pm - Unlocking the rated chaps...
Hello LJ family,

Long time no see. Hopefully many of you still alive out there. I've been occupied by my beloved daughter a lot. She's growing up and need close attention. So I know I've been away for so long.

So I decided to unlock my naughty chapters, so you guys can enjoy the full story.

About updating... My muse has gone downhill somewhere and I can't find it yet... eventhough I'm still dreaming about them together in various situation...

Oh well, let's see what will happen.

Give me few days to unlock all of them.


Ying unnie
XS Tough Love
24th-Dec-2011 08:25 pm - Merry Christmas!!

How are you all??? Hopefully you girls are doing well... I'm also still alive but been stuck with Thai novels... Been crazy about writing Thai lately. Sorry for leaving you girls alone for so long~

Since it's going to be new year. I would like to wish you all happiness in life.

I promise to come back with the update after new year. As for my fans....I'm going to reply and fulfil your requests from today onward. Thank you for being with me....

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Nice bow from mother and child...huh..... LOL

Okie...gotta go now... Mother's duty is on the way... My princess has her performances from tonight till new year

See ya soon~~

XS Tough Love
24th-Jul-2011 10:38 pm - Alive and well...


How are you my dearest readers????

Don't be mad ok? Your unnie/noona are busy as hell. Besides being busy with life, I'm also stuck with writing at the moment. Can't complete one simple chapter... Life sucks T_T Someone please give me inspiration~~~ Need a lot of it now more than ever...

Anyway, I'll have to prepare my sweet daughter for her end of year's ballet performance.

Year 2009: She was a 'Baby corn' in Nut Cracker.
Year 2010: She was a lil birdy.
This year's show is Swan Lake and I hope she can get a human role for once, since she's already in the 2nd grade now.
Still 3 months before the show, my hope is high~~~
Sasi, sweetheart.... Fighting!!!

Oh some of you wanted to see what your crazy unnie/noona look like... Here it is.... Just don't laugh.... Haha

Look crazy like the way I should be, right???

So if anyone can help me to reboot my inspiration, please msg me.... I need all the help I can get....

Miss everyone like crazy... Hope to come back with a new chap soon~~

20th-May-2011 10:29 pm - J.Law & Kirio Profile
First of all...               
                                                                     Happy B-day Xiahe!!!!
You're already 28 now and you said you are old. Not true! You still look young as ever~

Just got back from a party...a birthday party. Can't believe that my 'girlfriend' called the troop from Bangkok just for J.Law's b-day celebration...Can't really complain because I also donate money and stuff on the boys' birthday, especially Yunjae's. Haha 

It's amazing, isn't it? Things we can do for people we ship... -.-"

Anyhow.......when I checked my msg.... It's surprised to see many of you girls are curious about this couple. They got you good, didn't they?? Hehe

Since my evil spirit allowed me to introduce J.Law & Kirio to you guys, I'll give you a little profile about them.

Let's meet the SEME!!!!

Name: J. Law or Xiahe(Chinese name)
Born: 20 May 1983
Blood: O
Hight: 185 cm.
Weight: 68 kg.
He now owns a very exclusive portrait studio in Beijing, called HS Vision http://www.hs-vision.com/
He's very confident and sharming. He never afraid to show his love in the public. He treasured everything Kirio give him...Like the red jacket up above, Kirio gave him on Chinese New Year...years ago but he still loved to wear it. Also every year, Luo would build a log house for him by hand. He loved and treatured them so much. He's also very possessive over his beloved wife. He once nearly sued someone who spread the false rumor about them breaking up. He never hesitated to kick out or ban anyone from his blog if he saw that the person harrassing his Luoluo by words.

Xiahe trusts Luoluo in everything so he allows Luo to use the same bank account and the same code. They don't have to ask each other for permission to spend money if it's less than 5,000 yuans. If more than that, they have to talk. (I want this kind of man~ *pokes hubby*)

Our UKE!!

Name: Kirio or Luoluo
Born: 14 September 1992
Blood: AB
Hight: 175 cm.
Weight: 46 kg. (super slim)
Luoluo is still studying in University. He stays in campus and lives with J.Law during weekend. He's very sweet, caring and understanding.
Now he finished writing his first novel. The plan is to launch it on J.Law's birthday, which is today but something's gone wrong so it should be out by the end of this month or in June.

Luo's first novel called  'Fine Spiritual'     

Their love story's started since 2007 and continue until now. They got married in 2009 when Kirio was still 17.

Their first break up lasted for one day. It was beacause J.Law wasn't happy to know that Luo had done a cosmatic surgery on his double eyelid. It costed a lot of money but that wasn't the point he was mad. He liked his boyfriend to have natural look. Luo then apologized for what he had done. Then they got back together after one day of breaking up.

The second time was Jan, this year. From info I received, it was about Kirio disobeyed J.'s request. On new year, J. had to work through new year and he couldn't be with his precious. He asked him to stay at the dorm. Kirio wanted to go out and party with friends. J. asked him to listen to him. Things seemed to be ok. Then our Kirio uploaded pictures of him enjoying himself with friends. J. saw it and got mad. They fought on their blogs. Both were very on fire at that moment. So they broke up. J. tried to keep calm for a whole week.

At the same time, after a week of separation, Kirio was cooling down. He thought about what happened. He apologized for what he had done and asked for another chance. 

J. was very sweet. They started to talk on the phone...nearly everyday. They did not tell anyone about their story for awhile. Then one day in Feb 14, Kirio uploaded his photo, with his charming smile along with the platinum band on his left ring finger. Under the photo saying, back to the house, the familiar bed, feel so relax, warm, and happy more than ever.

Then fans know that they got back together. J. went to pick him up from Kirio's home and took him back to their love net.

Just a little detail that my evil spirit told me. It's much more but I can't tell you all... I'm not their hardcore fan like my 'girlfriend' but I can't deny that I've fallen for them quite sometime now.

Alright...that's all I can tell you guys for now. The real shipper said this info should be enough for you guys. If you want more, search in google... LOL (mean and cranky spirit)

19th-May-2011 08:49 pm - Busy life at the moment

Hi girls~

I know I've been missing again. Can't believe that my life can be this busy. Not only Sasi's school has started today but.....

3 weeks ago, one of my closest friends broke up with his long term boyfriend... or I should say 'Husban'. Anyway, he came to me, crying like crazy. It hurt me so much to see how much pain he had to go through. All I knew was that I couldn't leave him alone. So I dragged him all the way from Bangkok to stay with me in Pattaya.

When two girlfriends(I called him 'girlfriend' LOL) got together, things we used to do and craze about in the past came back. One of the obsessions I used to have was the craze over JKI's couple...

I have to say that I cheated on Yunjae once....because of them.... Hahaha

They got married in 2009 and broke up in Jan this year... So upset to know but didn't know what to do...

Now I heard that they're back together again after a month and a half being away from each other.... My heart started to beat crazily again... Still love Yunjae but JKI.....Ah~~~

Wanna know who they are???? Eventhough you don't want....I'm gonna tell anyways because these past weeks we've been talking about nothing but JKI.... hehe

JKI or J. Law and Kirio. They're one famous gay couple in Beijing.... I've known them months after I was crazy about Yunjae... When I first saw their pictures from my friends, they got me good...real good..

Wanna share some moments I found adorable... My 'girlfriend' loves them to death and he's been supporting them from the beginning...

Cute, aren't they?? They confidently show their love in public, like holding hands, kissing.... So cute~~~~~  Especially the bride...Kirio....ah~
I think I have a thing for UKE, you know.... Most of my gay friends are UKE... It's hard to find the SEME around... sad...haha

Their love items reminded me of our Yunjae... Just so cute to see husband and wife wearing the same items(J. called his Kirio, his wife, his treasure....so sweet) J. loves having couple things....shirts, jackets, pants, shoes, bangles, rings....you name it... He has it all

Oh shoot.....an evil spirit behind me keeps whispering that this is the time to take him out..... Anyone who has available cute brother, please help me... As long as I have this evil spirit stick with me, I can't update T_T

As for my young readers.... I will reply your msg and add you tonight when the spirit sleeps.... haha

Oh well...gotta go... Spirit wants to go clubbing....

See you guys soon~

Your unnie
29th-Mar-2011 08:55 pm - New update of my fic and my life

How are you guys? Hopefully you're all well.

As for myself, I've been busy with finding new school for my princess. After spending months searching for new school, I finally got her in a private school(again). Everything's so expensive. I can't believe that I still have to pay nearly $3000 + $500 for one month summer school for 2nd grade(which was only 2/3 of what I used to pay for her old school).

We parents are so drainned. But at least, I paid less.... and my baby's entrance score was the highest which made my hubby and I very happy.

Anyhow, my chaptered fic is on the way. I'm still busy with Sasi's summer school but I'm working on all fics I have. Never a day that I can live without Yunjae.

Here's a new oneshot story. Take a look and enjoy~

Best WishCollapse )
cute UKE
29th-Mar-2011 08:52 pm - oneshot's second half

Such a pain....

Here's the second half of

Best Wish 2Collapse )
cute UKE
26th-Jan-2011 09:14 pm - Happy Birthday Jaejoongie & Update
Happy Birthday Kim Jaejoong!!!!!

Thank you noona~ I love you very much (but a lot lesser than my Yunnie)

As for the update... I'm trying hard to post all work that I've finished but LJ.... T_T So I will update more again tomorrow or the next day, depending on my beloved hubby and daughter's schedule...

As for now... The lifetime trouble's new chapter and last chapter of the Last letter are here

So enjoy~~~

   Trouble 4 ) 

    The Last Letter 3/3 )

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